Cutting-Edge Innovation

We continually manufacture complex parts through the use of intuitive forethought utilizing cutting-edge innovation. Our processes are in a dynamic state of evolution, and we strive to provide our customers with continuous improvement. Our mission is to provide our customers with outstanding quality, delivery, communication, and competitive advantage. Our internal processes are truly tailored to meet each of our customer’s specific needs. We also routinely focus on employee safety, and customer satisfaction. We are committed to our environment and routinely focus on utilizing renewable resources.

Our Focus

Turn Key Products, CNC Turning, CNC Milling, CNC Forming, Certified MIG/TIG Welding, Stud Welding, Robotic Production Welding, Fabrication, Production Tooling, Special Work Holding, Engineering Solutions, Strategic Business Partnerships, Assemblies, & Packaging Solutions.


Our Customers

Forslund Welding Inc. strategically partners directly, and indirectly with its customers, and vendors across all industries.  We have been manufacturing solutions to solve our customers’ most challenging outsourcing needs.  We have an extensive network of partnerships, and continually provide our customers with a one-stop shop solution.